Solar Generation

Solar systems generate abundant free energy providing up to 10% annual returns. We install Solar on homes, commercial properties and public sector buildings.

Battery Storage

As well as providing vital backup in the event of power outages, batteries can store your excess solar energy or cheap off-peaked grid electricity, which can be used during peak hours.

Energy Management

Evergen Energy manager provides real time insight and analytics of your buildings energy consumption in minute detail. Most organisations can make savings of up to 25%.

Clean Air

Pollution is choking our towns and cities and slowly killing us. Evergen have a solution. The revolutionary CityTree has the air cleaning power of 275 urban trees.

Energy & Environment Statistics


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Solar Energy Generated


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Commercial Solar Power Panels

Who Are We?

Evergen are an energy and environment company. We install Solar generation, electricity storage and Energy Management Systems on homes, commercial properties and public sector buildings. As well as saving our customers £thousands on their annual energy bills, all of these activities have a direct impact on cutting COemissions. Now we are also tackling urban air pollution.


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