How We Work

Whether your mission is to reduce your organisations energy consumption or cut CO₂ emissions, our process helps ensure you meet your energy goals. We take a step by step approach to understanding your needs, then devise a plan to meet your requirements.

Step 1 – understanding your requirements. Local Authorities and Municipalities may have very different goals than corporations whose needs may be drive by ROI.

Step 2 – establishing goals – we work with you to define your goals and realistic timescales for achieving them. Whether it’s reducing energy consumption or understanding where your energy is going, on you need to have a plan.

Step 3 – modelling and estimating – before installing energy generation, storage or management systems we prepare 3D modelling and produce estimates for the expected ROI. These can be later used to monitor results.

Step 4 – planning and installation – the process of installing a solar or energy management system will impact a number of areas of your business so we agree an installation plan which will minimise disruption.

Step 5 – monitor performance – once the systems are installed we will train your staff and stakeholders to use the tools for monitoring and measuring the performance of your installation against previous estimates.

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