How We Work

Most people feel it is the duty of Government and Local Authorities to monitor and improve air quality. But polluted air affects everyone – we are all stakeholders. So corporations, housebuilders and developers can all contribute towards air cleaning initiatives. We can devise a plan to meet your requirements.

Step 1 – understanding your requirements. Local Authorities and Municipalities may have very different goals than corporations whose needs may be drive by CSR or developers who need to provide green spaces.

Step 2 – defining goals – we will work with you to define your goals and realistic timescales for achieving them. If your goals require reduction of specific pollutants, we will need to have the current data

Step 3 – monitoring and estimating – we can assist with monitoring pollution in specified areas, or provide general pollution data. This can be used to later monitor the results.

Step 4 – planning and installation – CityTrees are installed in high pollution areas where there is also a high footfall. So we will work with your organisation to plan the installation to minimise disruption to traffic and pedestrians.

Step 5 – monitor performance – CityTrees are available with a sensor package and dashboard for online monitoring of filter performance.

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