Over 40% of urban air pollution is due to transportation and the biggest culprit is diesel which produces NOx and harmful particles. There are over 11.2 million diesel cars in UK plus, vans, trucks, busses and taxis. On top of that we have diesel trains running through our towns and cities.

The City Of London Shrouded in Smog
The City Of London Shrouded in Smog

In only the last few months the government has introduced a Clean Air Zones Framework, produced a Draft Air Quality Strategy and a Plan for Tackling Roadside Nitrogen Dioxide Concentrations. In terms of investment, on 26th July 2017 the Government announced an additional £255 million to implement the plans, in addition to the £2.7 billion they are already investing to clean up the air and reduce vehicle emissions. This is all very positive and in due course will have a significant impact on reducing air pollution.

But we need action now.

Introducing CityTree

Introducing CityTree – The ultimate pollution devouring system. It has the pollution absorbing capacity of 275 urban trees and it’s coming to a polluted street near you.

What is the City Tree?

The CityTree is an intelligent biological air filter and clean air product for use in both outdoor and indoor installations. Innovative design and constructions and fully customisable to include seating options. Uniquely combining cutting-edge IoT technology and air-purifying natural mosses.

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